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Reginald                   Johnson

Reginald Photographer

Some things I'm proud of

  • My art has been exhibited in multiple galleries internationally including

  1.  Laurent Gallery(Melbourne, Australia)

  2. BBA Gallery(Berlin, Germany)

  3. Modeka(Manila, Philippines) 

  • Been featured locally here in Seattle at the RAW Seattle 2019 Art Show

Hi there! 

      My name is Reginald and I am a self-taught Pacific Northwest nature photographer specializing in creating  photos inspired by the Pacific Northwest region.


      As an artist who skillfully combines the natural beauty of this unique geographical area with imaginative elements. Here's a description that encapsulates my work:

      In the heart of the lush, temperate rainforests and majestic mountain ranges of the Pacific Northwest, I use my camera to capture the verdant landscapes to use as my canvas, to create breathtaking scenery inspired by this wonderful corner of the country.


      The Pacific Northwest, with its towering evergreens, pristine lakes, and misty coastlines, becomes a realm where reality and fantasy merge seamlessly. Each frame is a portal to an alternate reality, where moss-draped trees become ancient guardians, and cascading waterfalls are the enchanted gates to hidden worlds.


      Through meticulous composition, expert lighting, and a deep connection to the natural surroundings, I capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest's mystique creating surreal landscapes.


      The result is a collection of photographs that transport viewers to realms of wonder and magic within the familiar landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Waterfalls are transformed into mystical sanctuaries, dense forests become enchanted groves, and serene lakes mirror worlds beyond our imagination.

      My work is an invitation to explore the mystical heart of the Pacific Northwest, where dreams and reality are intertwined, and the mundane is transformed into the extraordinary.

     In essence, I combine the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest to create captivating and enchanting images that transport viewers to a world where imagination knows no bounds.

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