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Why Nature Photography?

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

With so many genres of photography out there to choose from it sometimes is hard to decide which one you want to pursue. Maybe it's something you enjoy looking at or maybe it's something you could make money from. But for me it was what makes me the happiest.

I have loved the outdoors and everything nature for almost my whole life. There is something about the ever changing events of nature that makes every time I go out worth every second. Now onto why I chose nature photography.

Capturing nature is an ongoing challenge everyday. Sometimes you have great weather and perfect shooting opportunities and other times you may have the worst weather with less then ideal shooting conditions. But for me that's all part of the fun and joy of being a nature photographer. Nature doesn't always give me perfect conditions but I strive to work with the opportunities that I'm given.

Everyday I go out is an ongoing learning experience from learning the settings on my camera to get these remarkable photos to just learning new things about nature while out on adventures. The joy and happiness I get from being out in nature is something that makes my life worth living each and everyday. This is why I chose to pursue nature photography and I have no regrets doing it.

Thank you so much for reading and being a part of my adventures!

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